Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good`day to you all

It has been rather quiet around here. Maybe it's all because I have been a bit busy. Have been baking a lot lately. I have made two fruit cakes and a carrot and raisin cake. The reason being I am trying to make money out of making home made cakes and for now my specialty is Christmas cakes (This goes well with the season). Will take a picture after I have done all the icing and decorating. Am going to try my hand at fondant (first timer) and am praying that I don't make a mess of things. For those of you that do not know what fondant is, it is some type of icing that you can roll and cover a cake with. (in short)

On another note, it has been very hot here, uncomfortably hot. That is December for you. However, this does not dampen the festive spirit. We all cannot wait to put up our Christmas tree. We might do it today depending on the time that Tata gets home. The other scary thing is Faritle and his busy little hands. Am sure there will be a lot of "Mama" after putting up the tree. Will also take a pic of the Christmas tree and you will see how artistic the Jambaya family is -:) There will be lots of pics in my next post, I PROMISE.

Later then.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books of the bible 1

Yesterday morning while lying in bed I was thinking about the bible and how I remember the books of the bible. Iam going to make a list and write down one outstanding memory for me from some of the books of the bible.

GENESIS - My first memory verse Genesis 1 verse 1 IN THE BEGINNING GD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.

EXODUS- The ten commadments

JOSHUA - The river test with the soldiers

RUTH - A faithful woman who would do anything for her MIL

SAMUEL 1 & 2 - Hannah, her struggle to have a child and the triumph though prayer.

KINGS 1 & 2 - David, the mn who was very daring

ESTHER - The woman who saved the nation

JOB - The man who SEEMED to have lost it all

PSALMS - The Lord is my shephard

PROVERBS - The virtous woman


ISAIAH - The prophecy of the coming of Christ

DANIEL - The lion den

HOSEA - Destruction because of our sins and how God restores

JONAH - And the shark

MALACHI - Tithing

I will continue with the listing soon.

Lots of love

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Absolutely Normal Chaos: A giveaway!

Absolutely Normal Chaos: A giveaway!

I did something really stupid today!!!!!

Yes I did. We had a great morning today preparing for church. However, me being my usual self did something really really stupid. Everyone was ready on time except me of course. Faritle was bathed by tata, I bathed Nesu and then we all had cereal. I am the one who bullied tata into having an early shower. At around 8:45 I had a quick shower and did my usual quick dressing. Mind you, the service begins at nine and we live about ten minutes away from church. We, all got into the car and we were at church by 9:05. Tata took Faritle to Sunday school and I was left in the car so I could put Nesu on my back and then get into church.

Here comes the stupid part. Just as I was bending down so I could put Nesu on my back, I realised I was wearing different flops. Yes. different flops. I ended up not wearing any shoes as someone had also taken the spare pair that I always have in the boot. So yes, today I attended church without any shoes and yes God still loves me shoes or not.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Tree

The moment we hit November I was asked when we were putting up the Christmas tree? This question was not from Faritle but from Tata. I could not help but laugh. I laughed because from the time we had Faritle, he has looked so much foward to Christmas. This will be our third christmas with Faritle, and when it was just the two of us we did not even bother to put up a christmas tree. The first year with Faritle we had a smaller one, then last year it was a bit bigger, Now I am wondering what this year's tree will look like. Will update you after putting it up. This might be in about two weeks time. Am also wondering where we will place it cause Faritle is a very busy somebod. I hope this works out. It has to.

On a different note, I have been a bit busy today. I baked a lemon-cream cheese cake today. Here are some picks. The beaters of my mixer are not working so had to do everything manually. The reult was great though.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I seem to be posting about Faritle all the time so here are a few pics of Nesu. The two ladies are my neices (therapist and business administrator. Dont kill me guys hahahaha).

Monday, November 15, 2010

My little boy is not so little anymore

Yes, I am talking about Faritle. He went to Zim with his dad last week and was there for about 3 days and did not seem to have missed me much. (Of course I did sooooooo much) Here are some cool pics from that trip.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Have been sitting here thinking once upon a time I was a very organised wife (please note not mother but wife) I even had a household planner which I admit I USED to use but at least there was order. These days it seems things just fall into place by chance. I spend most of my time feeding Nesu or Faritle wants to play. We were suppose to go to a play group yesterday but we did not. Not because we did not have the time, it as more because I seem to be lacking order, organisation. I am a number ONE procastinator. These days it seems Like I need a great deal of motivation to get things moving.

Ok, enough of that, the gist of the matter is what I am doing about it...... I remember the Fly-lady but there is one blogger who seem to inspire me a lot. Whenever I get the chance to visit her blog I feel rejuvinated. I met her on HP years ago and I dont even think she remembers me. There is a link to her blog on the The blogs I love. With the fruit of her hands She seems so organised and hard working. I just love reading her blog whenever I get the chance.

This is going to be my place of recon, a place where I have to be accountable for being an organised mother and wife. Please be a follower of my blog so that I may be accountable to you as I begin this journey of being organised.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The word MAMA has a different meaning at my house!!!

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As the title says, this word has found a new meaning - courtesy of Faritle. The word is called out wether I am there or not. When I am there, he shouts it out and then looks at me. This does no mean that he is calling me. It means, "Mummy I am being naughty and what are you gonna do about it." It is a clear challenge and when he sees me aproaching he starts running. These days his favourite past time is switching on and off the television straight from the wall plug. For him this is victory cause I had put the child lock on cause he was making the television his play thing. Mama thought she was clever and switched on child lock just to get the "MAMA" and a victory glance. The above picture is an example of when I get the "MAMA" just to see if I am close by. He also loves playing with water and has learnt to turn on the taps outside. He turns on the tap and then "MAMA". Now the word to me spells:
A challenge
The cutest smile I have ever seen that says you have caught me
Above all, a mother's love cause most of the time i end up laughing and giving him a big squeeze cause I just love him

I have wondered if time outs and all the supernanny staff will work??? He is just 28 months after all :-). Any advice woild be highly appreciated. Till next time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October, Breast Cancer Month

I cannot believe that October is almost over. It is my birthday month. It is 19 years this year since I lost a sis to leukemia which started out as breast cancer. So this makes October special to me. She was still young, about 27 if Igot the dates right. I was barely 17 (now everyone knows my age which aint a big deal anyway) then and doing my Form 3. I have always wondered what she would look like if she was still with us here on earth???? I have wondered how she would react to having two beautiful grand daughters???? I have looked at this photo taken on her daughter's wedding and could not help feeling that there was someone missing. (Except for my brother and I)

On a happier note, I know that she is with Jesus and is not feeling the pain no more. Love you sis always.
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Breast Cancer Month

I cannot believe that October is almost over. It is now 19 year since I lost a sis to leukemia which started out as breast cancer. I was barely 17 (now everyone knows my age which aint a big deal anyway) then and doing my Form 3. I have allways wondered what she would look like if she was still with us here on earth???? I have wondered how she would react to having two beautiful grand daughters???? I have looked at this photo taken on her daughter's wedding and could not help feeling that there was someone missing. By the way all three in the pic are my sisters for those of you who do not know.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Am married to a hard working man

Good morning blog!!!! My husband has not really slept for about three days. He is getting home around midnight or after midnight. The joys of being married to an accountant. They are doing budgets and you would wonder why we never do our home budgets with so much effort. Am sure it would kill us all. Looking at him when he gets home you definately notice that he is exhausted but he soldiers on. Aluta continua-the struggle goes on until it is won. You are definately assured that there is a certain time of year that you would hardly see him. I am hoping that today is the last day and we will have him home until next year around this time again.

Faritle really misses his tata. He gets very clingy to him when they are together. This does not help the situation, think of it a 2 year old and seperation anxiety. He screams when he realises that tata has sneaked out and the scraems usually wakes nesu up and the cycle continues. Anyway, we all miss tata and hope that things will settle down soon at work.

My next post will be about the great we had whem my sister in law visited with her son. My mother was here as well. Will have to ask permission to bublish Sekuyu's job first.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


As promised, here is the first update with the old posts from my previous blog. These are some posts that I will always treasure cause they remind me of where we came from.

On our way to arts 5/02/07
It's been long since I posted. We are now o0n our way to ARTS and we are both very excited. Don't know what to expect though and a little bit scared as well. Our first appointment is on the 14th of June. Hopefully I will be able to post again soon.

Starting with meds 9/19/07
On Friday I will be starting with meds. This makes me a little nervous in anticipation of what is to come. Thank God for the support system that I have, am assured of moral and spiritual support.

Baby Farai is here 8/13/08
He arrived on the 2nd of July through c-section. Here is a pic of him. He weighed 3.08kgs and his length was about 47cm. He had lots of hair which was also very long. Right now we are all enjoying him. He is a fairly calm baby who wakes up twice for his feeds and sleeps most of the time during the day. He is now almost six weeks and seem to be changing everyday. Whenever we look at him we see how wonderful our God is. In my language we say tinoona ruoko nekunaka kwaMwari. The dad cannot get enough of him. Will try and post a more recent pic soon.


To keep this blog up to date. I promise I will not be lazy to update it. I promise I promise I promise. Iam also going to transfer some of my old posts form my previous blogs and put then on here so I can delete the once a year update blogs.

We are now a family of four and it has been very hectic. There is Farai the dad (tata), Mapipi the mummy (mummy/mama), Farai (faritu) junior and Anesu (nesu). Anesu was born in August and everyone seem to comment on how big he is. He was born weighing 2.6kg and at 8 weeks he was 5.6kg. And this has all been achieved via braestmilk. I am ver proud of myself. Because of his size we (tata and I)we thought we were going to suplement with formula but that has not happened yet YIPPIE.

Here are some pics of the family.

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