Friday, October 22, 2010

Am married to a hard working man

Good morning blog!!!! My husband has not really slept for about three days. He is getting home around midnight or after midnight. The joys of being married to an accountant. They are doing budgets and you would wonder why we never do our home budgets with so much effort. Am sure it would kill us all. Looking at him when he gets home you definately notice that he is exhausted but he soldiers on. Aluta continua-the struggle goes on until it is won. You are definately assured that there is a certain time of year that you would hardly see him. I am hoping that today is the last day and we will have him home until next year around this time again.

Faritle really misses his tata. He gets very clingy to him when they are together. This does not help the situation, think of it a 2 year old and seperation anxiety. He screams when he realises that tata has sneaked out and the scraems usually wakes nesu up and the cycle continues. Anyway, we all miss tata and hope that things will settle down soon at work.

My next post will be about the great we had whem my sister in law visited with her son. My mother was here as well. Will have to ask permission to bublish Sekuyu's job first.

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