Thursday, October 21, 2010


As promised, here is the first update with the old posts from my previous blog. These are some posts that I will always treasure cause they remind me of where we came from.

On our way to arts 5/02/07
It's been long since I posted. We are now o0n our way to ARTS and we are both very excited. Don't know what to expect though and a little bit scared as well. Our first appointment is on the 14th of June. Hopefully I will be able to post again soon.

Starting with meds 9/19/07
On Friday I will be starting with meds. This makes me a little nervous in anticipation of what is to come. Thank God for the support system that I have, am assured of moral and spiritual support.

Baby Farai is here 8/13/08
He arrived on the 2nd of July through c-section. Here is a pic of him. He weighed 3.08kgs and his length was about 47cm. He had lots of hair which was also very long. Right now we are all enjoying him. He is a fairly calm baby who wakes up twice for his feeds and sleeps most of the time during the day. He is now almost six weeks and seem to be changing everyday. Whenever we look at him we see how wonderful our God is. In my language we say tinoona ruoko nekunaka kwaMwari. The dad cannot get enough of him. Will try and post a more recent pic soon.

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