Thursday, October 21, 2010


To keep this blog up to date. I promise I will not be lazy to update it. I promise I promise I promise. Iam also going to transfer some of my old posts form my previous blogs and put then on here so I can delete the once a year update blogs.

We are now a family of four and it has been very hectic. There is Farai the dad (tata), Mapipi the mummy (mummy/mama), Farai (faritu) junior and Anesu (nesu). Anesu was born in August and everyone seem to comment on how big he is. He was born weighing 2.6kg and at 8 weeks he was 5.6kg. And this has all been achieved via braestmilk. I am ver proud of myself. Because of his size we (tata and I)we thought we were going to suplement with formula but that has not happened yet YIPPIE.

Here are some pics of the family.

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