Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October, Breast Cancer Month

I cannot believe that October is almost over. It is my birthday month. It is 19 years this year since I lost a sis to leukemia which started out as breast cancer. So this makes October special to me. She was still young, about 27 if Igot the dates right. I was barely 17 (now everyone knows my age which aint a big deal anyway) then and doing my Form 3. I have always wondered what she would look like if she was still with us here on earth???? I have wondered how she would react to having two beautiful grand daughters???? I have looked at this photo taken on her daughter's wedding and could not help feeling that there was someone missing. (Except for my brother and I)

On a happier note, I know that she is with Jesus and is not feeling the pain no more. Love you sis always.
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  1. I was actually thinking about her this whole month! She has always had a special place in my heart. Mai Jachi was my favorite teacher at Chibuwe. She called me by my lastname, Thondhlana....A very soft and wonderful person to know. I remember her calling Mr. Jachi to discipline students on her behalf. That was always trouble when he was called to the "rescue". Even the younger Jachi would sometimes be on call to protect her the Jachi way. I watched her fight this horrible disease, her courage to teach through pain and when she final went home to be with the Lord. She never lost her smile through it all. I attended her funeral but unfortunately I missed most of the service because it was one of my duties to bank for the teachers at CABS and Barclays Bank back then. I cried all the way back from Mutare to Chibuwe. I have always wanted to say rest in peace to her and I can final say it today, Rest In Peace Mai Jachi and you should be proud of your daughter. I hope she is as tender as you were. You were beautiful both inside and out. Remember the Girl Guides? Love you and miss you. You were a special teacher to so many..RIP.

  2. i cannot help the tears. forgive me for that. i miss her too and will always. I wonder and wish but it now in vain. its nice when you see such gud comments about her. rest in peace. at least the little girl has got some of her features on her. she looks like her.


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