Friday, October 29, 2010

The word MAMA has a different meaning at my house!!!

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As the title says, this word has found a new meaning - courtesy of Faritle. The word is called out wether I am there or not. When I am there, he shouts it out and then looks at me. This does no mean that he is calling me. It means, "Mummy I am being naughty and what are you gonna do about it." It is a clear challenge and when he sees me aproaching he starts running. These days his favourite past time is switching on and off the television straight from the wall plug. For him this is victory cause I had put the child lock on cause he was making the television his play thing. Mama thought she was clever and switched on child lock just to get the "MAMA" and a victory glance. The above picture is an example of when I get the "MAMA" just to see if I am close by. He also loves playing with water and has learnt to turn on the taps outside. He turns on the tap and then "MAMA". Now the word to me spells:
A challenge
The cutest smile I have ever seen that says you have caught me
Above all, a mother's love cause most of the time i end up laughing and giving him a big squeeze cause I just love him

I have wondered if time outs and all the supernanny staff will work??? He is just 28 months after all :-). Any advice woild be highly appreciated. Till next time.

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