Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books of the bible 1

Yesterday morning while lying in bed I was thinking about the bible and how I remember the books of the bible. Iam going to make a list and write down one outstanding memory for me from some of the books of the bible.

GENESIS - My first memory verse Genesis 1 verse 1 IN THE BEGINNING GD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.

EXODUS- The ten commadments

JOSHUA - The river test with the soldiers

RUTH - A faithful woman who would do anything for her MIL

SAMUEL 1 & 2 - Hannah, her struggle to have a child and the triumph though prayer.

KINGS 1 & 2 - David, the mn who was very daring

ESTHER - The woman who saved the nation

JOB - The man who SEEMED to have lost it all

PSALMS - The Lord is my shephard

PROVERBS - The virtous woman


ISAIAH - The prophecy of the coming of Christ

DANIEL - The lion den

HOSEA - Destruction because of our sins and how God restores

JONAH - And the shark

MALACHI - Tithing

I will continue with the listing soon.

Lots of love

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Absolutely Normal Chaos: A giveaway!

Absolutely Normal Chaos: A giveaway!

I did something really stupid today!!!!!

Yes I did. We had a great morning today preparing for church. However, me being my usual self did something really really stupid. Everyone was ready on time except me of course. Faritle was bathed by tata, I bathed Nesu and then we all had cereal. I am the one who bullied tata into having an early shower. At around 8:45 I had a quick shower and did my usual quick dressing. Mind you, the service begins at nine and we live about ten minutes away from church. We, all got into the car and we were at church by 9:05. Tata took Faritle to Sunday school and I was left in the car so I could put Nesu on my back and then get into church.

Here comes the stupid part. Just as I was bending down so I could put Nesu on my back, I realised I was wearing different flops. Yes. different flops. I ended up not wearing any shoes as someone had also taken the spare pair that I always have in the boot. So yes, today I attended church without any shoes and yes God still loves me shoes or not.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Tree

The moment we hit November I was asked when we were putting up the Christmas tree? This question was not from Faritle but from Tata. I could not help but laugh. I laughed because from the time we had Faritle, he has looked so much foward to Christmas. This will be our third christmas with Faritle, and when it was just the two of us we did not even bother to put up a christmas tree. The first year with Faritle we had a smaller one, then last year it was a bit bigger, Now I am wondering what this year's tree will look like. Will update you after putting it up. This might be in about two weeks time. Am also wondering where we will place it cause Faritle is a very busy somebod. I hope this works out. It has to.

On a different note, I have been a bit busy today. I baked a lemon-cream cheese cake today. Here are some picks. The beaters of my mixer are not working so had to do everything manually. The reult was great though.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I seem to be posting about Faritle all the time so here are a few pics of Nesu. The two ladies are my neices (therapist and business administrator. Dont kill me guys hahahaha).

Monday, November 15, 2010

My little boy is not so little anymore

Yes, I am talking about Faritle. He went to Zim with his dad last week and was there for about 3 days and did not seem to have missed me much. (Of course I did sooooooo much) Here are some cool pics from that trip.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Have been sitting here thinking once upon a time I was a very organised wife (please note not mother but wife) I even had a household planner which I admit I USED to use but at least there was order. These days it seems things just fall into place by chance. I spend most of my time feeding Nesu or Faritle wants to play. We were suppose to go to a play group yesterday but we did not. Not because we did not have the time, it as more because I seem to be lacking order, organisation. I am a number ONE procastinator. These days it seems Like I need a great deal of motivation to get things moving.

Ok, enough of that, the gist of the matter is what I am doing about it...... I remember the Fly-lady but there is one blogger who seem to inspire me a lot. Whenever I get the chance to visit her blog I feel rejuvinated. I met her on HP years ago and I dont even think she remembers me. There is a link to her blog on the The blogs I love. With the fruit of her hands She seems so organised and hard working. I just love reading her blog whenever I get the chance.

This is going to be my place of recon, a place where I have to be accountable for being an organised mother and wife. Please be a follower of my blog so that I may be accountable to you as I begin this journey of being organised.


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