Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books of the bible 1

Yesterday morning while lying in bed I was thinking about the bible and how I remember the books of the bible. Iam going to make a list and write down one outstanding memory for me from some of the books of the bible.

GENESIS - My first memory verse Genesis 1 verse 1 IN THE BEGINNING GD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.

EXODUS- The ten commadments

JOSHUA - The river test with the soldiers

RUTH - A faithful woman who would do anything for her MIL

SAMUEL 1 & 2 - Hannah, her struggle to have a child and the triumph though prayer.

KINGS 1 & 2 - David, the mn who was very daring

ESTHER - The woman who saved the nation

JOB - The man who SEEMED to have lost it all

PSALMS - The Lord is my shephard

PROVERBS - The virtous woman


ISAIAH - The prophecy of the coming of Christ

DANIEL - The lion den

HOSEA - Destruction because of our sins and how God restores

JONAH - And the shark

MALACHI - Tithing

I will continue with the listing soon.

Lots of love

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