Sunday, November 21, 2010

I did something really stupid today!!!!!

Yes I did. We had a great morning today preparing for church. However, me being my usual self did something really really stupid. Everyone was ready on time except me of course. Faritle was bathed by tata, I bathed Nesu and then we all had cereal. I am the one who bullied tata into having an early shower. At around 8:45 I had a quick shower and did my usual quick dressing. Mind you, the service begins at nine and we live about ten minutes away from church. We, all got into the car and we were at church by 9:05. Tata took Faritle to Sunday school and I was left in the car so I could put Nesu on my back and then get into church.

Here comes the stupid part. Just as I was bending down so I could put Nesu on my back, I realised I was wearing different flops. Yes. different flops. I ended up not wearing any shoes as someone had also taken the spare pair that I always have in the boot. So yes, today I attended church without any shoes and yes God still loves me shoes or not.


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