Friday, November 5, 2010


Have been sitting here thinking once upon a time I was a very organised wife (please note not mother but wife) I even had a household planner which I admit I USED to use but at least there was order. These days it seems things just fall into place by chance. I spend most of my time feeding Nesu or Faritle wants to play. We were suppose to go to a play group yesterday but we did not. Not because we did not have the time, it as more because I seem to be lacking order, organisation. I am a number ONE procastinator. These days it seems Like I need a great deal of motivation to get things moving.

Ok, enough of that, the gist of the matter is what I am doing about it...... I remember the Fly-lady but there is one blogger who seem to inspire me a lot. Whenever I get the chance to visit her blog I feel rejuvinated. I met her on HP years ago and I dont even think she remembers me. There is a link to her blog on the The blogs I love. With the fruit of her hands She seems so organised and hard working. I just love reading her blog whenever I get the chance.

This is going to be my place of recon, a place where I have to be accountable for being an organised mother and wife. Please be a follower of my blog so that I may be accountable to you as I begin this journey of being organised.

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  1. Melody does always seem organised doesn't she? I'm loving your blog!


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