Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good`day to you all

It has been rather quiet around here. Maybe it's all because I have been a bit busy. Have been baking a lot lately. I have made two fruit cakes and a carrot and raisin cake. The reason being I am trying to make money out of making home made cakes and for now my specialty is Christmas cakes (This goes well with the season). Will take a picture after I have done all the icing and decorating. Am going to try my hand at fondant (first timer) and am praying that I don't make a mess of things. For those of you that do not know what fondant is, it is some type of icing that you can roll and cover a cake with. (in short)

On another note, it has been very hot here, uncomfortably hot. That is December for you. However, this does not dampen the festive spirit. We all cannot wait to put up our Christmas tree. We might do it today depending on the time that Tata gets home. The other scary thing is Faritle and his busy little hands. Am sure there will be a lot of "Mama" after putting up the tree. Will also take a pic of the Christmas tree and you will see how artistic the Jambaya family is -:) There will be lots of pics in my next post, I PROMISE.

Later then.

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