Friday, February 11, 2011

Talk about keeping promises

I remember being a Girl Guide in primary and secondary school and being told that a promise was a lifetime cimMittment. When I started this blog I promised to update the bLog regularily and it does not seem to be happening. It is not beacause I do not have anything to say. I do have a lot of ramblings, trust me but I just don't seem to have the time and my internet connection has been acting up.

Anyways, the family is fine except for the two boys who are coughing. Ped, recommended we give Nesu some of Faritle's medication. Faritle is enjoying pre-school to the extent that when I go pick him up, I have to drag him to the car. His vocabulary has improved a lot as well, a lot. The joys of playing with other kids. The only thing that we are still struggling with is potty training. Yesterday we had a small victory when he agreed to sit on the toilet seat even though he had already done his business in his pants and then said , "mama, popoos." That is the word we use for you know what. Sorry for being so gross (:-.

Now that I am back online, will try very hard to keep my promise just like the promise I first made 1984 (go figure) when I became a GG!!!!

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