Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is really good to be back. I went to Zimbabwe for about five days. It was a really good and fun trip although it was long as well.

Anyways, this trip made me think a lot about my belief, my life style as a Christian. There is a lot going on in Zimbabwe when it comes to believing in Christ, praying and having hope. This is something i missed when we were there during the Easter holidays. People seem to have this thirst to know God yet in this thirst i think there is a lot of confusion, controversy and faith. I know faith does not go with the other two words but that was my gut feel.

Ok, i was blessed enough to be invited to the "popular" UFI church. This is the United Family Interdenominational Church. The church is led by Prophet E Makandiwa. I have put popular in inverted commas because for some this might not seem so. The matter at hand is how I was amazed at the length people would go to be there. The over flow contained of more than half the congregation. I was amazed at how people would just find satisfaction in just sitting outside and listen to the prophet preaching and still feel that they are part and parcel of the congregation. I also had the opportunity to watch a clip with the man in action, people getting healed. It was pretty amazing. Am sure you are wondering where the confusion and controversy is. From what l gathered talking to family who are part of the UFI family, people are thirsty for God yes, but some are just there for the miracles and prophecy. When the prophet is not there, for some that means there is no church. There is a lot of false hope in people because they are focusing on the wrong person for deliverance. The preacher gives us the word as it is and then us the cogregationgets gets it all wrong. I really loved his sermon on Sunday. It was from Daniel 11v32. The knowledge of God leads to a higher level of strength in God. As the word was being delivered to us, i was thanking God for the opportunity to get to hear it at that moment. All my doubts vanished then cause it was the word that was just being delivered just like at any other church.

I could not understand what the hype was all about though. It kind of reminded me of the time when ZIOGA was formed then. Just because they prayed a little different, conducted their services a bit different, does not mean they are not Christians. Different from congregational churches. Now that there are Pentecostal churches planted all over with some going a step further, there is havoc all over again. I truly believe that God rewards us accordingly. He Will never give us anything that we cannot handle. If you thinks that something is too hot for you to handle, move on or keep holding on until you do not feel the heat anymore. Christianity is personal. The more one knows Christ, the deeper one's faith becomes. It is all about faith you have in Jesus Christ and not anyone else. It is through Him that died on the cross and rose on the third day that we find grace and deliverance.

I hope this is not too much of a ramble. God bless.


Monday, August 22, 2011

I am back

It is good to be back. It feels good to be back. I have so much to say.

Faritle is now three. He really does look like a little man. Lol. Everyone is commenting on how grown up he looks now. We are also experiencing a lot of foot stamping, hugs, l love you mama and lots of tears for nothing as well. There is also a lot of Fari,  no. Don't do that. He also pretends to cry when he thinks he might get away with being naughty. There is still resistance to petty. Everyone is telling me to be patient. Enough about Faritle.

Nesu is now one. He shuffles on his bum, too lazy to crawl properly. He is actually trying to stand now. When i took him to the ped last week she predicted he will be walking by fourteen months. Not bad considering Faritle also walked at about fourteen or fifteen months. He is now fully weaned from breast milk and is on cow milk already. He loves his food and bubbles quite a lot too.

Tata is also a year older. One thing that i did not mention earlier is July and August are birthday months around here. Faritle 2 July and Nesu and Tata 4 and 9 August respectively. So, Tata got socks from the boys and a Samsung galaxy tab FOR MUM. Yes, you read it right, i got the present. Bless him. He is such a wonderful dad and husband. This means more updates cause now i have a reliable internet source.

Stay blessed,



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