Monday, August 22, 2011

I am back

It is good to be back. It feels good to be back. I have so much to say.

Faritle is now three. He really does look like a little man. Lol. Everyone is commenting on how grown up he looks now. We are also experiencing a lot of foot stamping, hugs, l love you mama and lots of tears for nothing as well. There is also a lot of Fari,  no. Don't do that. He also pretends to cry when he thinks he might get away with being naughty. There is still resistance to petty. Everyone is telling me to be patient. Enough about Faritle.

Nesu is now one. He shuffles on his bum, too lazy to crawl properly. He is actually trying to stand now. When i took him to the ped last week she predicted he will be walking by fourteen months. Not bad considering Faritle also walked at about fourteen or fifteen months. He is now fully weaned from breast milk and is on cow milk already. He loves his food and bubbles quite a lot too.

Tata is also a year older. One thing that i did not mention earlier is July and August are birthday months around here. Faritle 2 July and Nesu and Tata 4 and 9 August respectively. So, Tata got socks from the boys and a Samsung galaxy tab FOR MUM. Yes, you read it right, i got the present. Bless him. He is such a wonderful dad and husband. This means more updates cause now i have a reliable internet source.

Stay blessed,


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