Friday, September 30, 2011

I am still here

This last week was bit hectic for me so am sorry for not updating as promised. All is well. Will try to keep up from now on.

The occupational therapist(O.T) was here. It was good to see her. It is always good to have someone from home. She was here for a whole week. She did inspire me, gave me a great topic which i am very passionate about. Watch this space. Thanks O.T. Unfortunately, i never got the chance to take photos.

Faritle got a new love, burgers. He is now into Mac Dee kiddies meal so much. Have to change driving route now. Nesu can now walk holding on to staff. Will try post pics or a video soon.

That is all for now. Will pop in again soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Things you might not know about me

Yeah, two written posts in one week. I am on the roll woooooo.

I have decided to use Friday for you to get to know me better. This will also help me to rediscover myself, the good and the bad.

1. I did not like puberty, all the changes that were happening especially the visible ones. I think that was the time i seriously wished I was a boy. Do not worry cause i do not feel that way anymore.

2. I discovered that my dad had an accent when i was in high school. I know it is funny especially to those who know him and have heard him speak. The accent is soooo obvious now and i love it. By the way, my dad is from Mozambique. Came to Zimbabwe for education and then he got stuck cause he met my mother.

3. I have known my darling hubby for twenty years, dated for eight of those. Yeah, more than half my life time. No, Iam not forty yet!

4. I really wanted to go into journalism after high school but my dad had other ideas so i ended up stuck in teaching for almost four years. It is something i never really enjoyed but hey, i spent three years in college learning how to become a high school teacher.

5. My oldest sibling could easily be my mum. There is a huge gap between us. There is an almost sixteen year gap between us. I am five years older than her eldest baby. There is a six year gap between i and the one i come after. I think this was unheard of especially among black African families. There are six of us and there is a one year or two year gap between them except for me of course. I have always thought i was special now i know why. Lol

Till next Friday when I will dish out more juicy facts about me.

Hugs and stay blessed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love you

Yeah, you read it right! That is the title of this post. As I was lying in bed last night i started contemplating on what to right about this week and this was my revelation.

When I was growing up, I LOVE YOU was a taboo phrase. The phrase was associated with a girl and a boy being in love, yeah you can LAUGH OUT LOUD! When a boy then was trying to ask you to be his girlfriend that is the phrase he would use. You see, I was not crazy then to think that it was a taboo phrase, something you should not say in public, let alone, to your parents, siblings or even friends. It was like saving yourself just for your husband.

Children then did not need to hear their parents saying I LOVE YOU to get the assurance that they were loved. It was an obvious thing to the children, to us. It would go the same for the parents as well. All children needed to do to show that they loved their parents was visit them, take care of them without having to say I LOVE YOU mummy or dad. It was as simple as that. Everyone would just be satisfied and happy then. I remember in one of my modules, communication at varsity this discussion came up. Some people where shocked when i said the views that i am writing on here especually my white classmates. I guess the cultural thing also plays a role in it.

However, now it is a different story. This I LOVE YOU phrase is now on the tip of evryone's tongue. Even Faritle knows that when mummy is upset if he says he loves me then all is well. We used to laugh at my mum because whenevet we called her, her end phrase was always THANK YOU. Now she almost always end her phone conversations with I LOVE YOU ALL. Believe me, my mum is very old school so this came as a huge suprise, a well appreciated one. My dear (this is my big sis) called yestrday and she spoke to faritle. The conversation ended with I LOVE YOU. This made me smile.

I strongly believe that love is something that people should be able to express, not only by saying I LOVE YOU but by showing it. Remember God did not just say that He loved us but He showed his love to us by giving us His Son Jesus Christ. John 3v16 says it all.

Hugs and till next time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A mother's love

This post is inspired by my sis in law Mrs K. She called me on Monday and I asked her how Mr K jnr was doing at school. Mr K jnr has just started school. She told me that when he got home he told her that he fell and noone came to say sorry. She told me that she almost cried when he told her. I almost cried when she told me. It hit me hard how we as mothers want to shield our kids from all the badies of the world. This reminded me of how a mother's love is everlasting. She however told me again that nomatter how much we want to shield them from the baddies, the children do grow up and learn tovstand up for themselves.

I remembered the time we were childless and how our empty arms yearned to be filled. Now that God blessed us with two lovely boys, I am amazed at how I cannot imagine my life without them. The love just flows through even when the boys put me through fire sometimes. The nagging, whinning, spit all over and the snort just makes me love them more. It really does make my world go round with love.

As mothers, we pray for our children or it is assumed that we pray for our children more. To divert a bit and brag, I was amazed at one time when my dad told me how he used to pray for us so God may fill our arms. It made me cry not only because that is the greatest gift he could have given us but that I never thought he would pray for us regarding the matter. On the other hand, I always knew that nomatter how much of a rebel (yes, i had that tendency to rebel against her until I was in my mid 20s) I was my mother would always pray for us. That i was and still am guaranteed of. That is a great show of a mother's love. I love her to bits.

Mothers are expected to be strong loving beings and that is exactly who we are except for a few exceptionals. Also remember, YOU STRIKE A WOMAN YOU STRIKE A ROCK. WATHINT'ABAFAZI WATHINT'IMBOKODO!

Till next time and lets keep loving our children.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am glad to announce that Faritle has started to use the potty. He still will not sit on it but do it (by 'it' i mean number 1) standing. Tonight we got into a bit of a fight when it was p.j. time. He did not want to put on pull ups. He had spent the whole day in briefs which we changed about three times cause of the little accidents that he had.

This all started last week when i gave his teacher pull ups instead of the usual nappies that I usually give her for faritle's use at school. Am sure the teacher got the hint cause they started training him immediately. I was all smiles when the teacher told me that Faritle had used the loo. When we got home on that day he did use the loo. I started thinking about people who told me to wait until he wad ready, how wise they are. Today he has been rushing to the potty whenever he wanted to go. The accidents came from not pulling down his pants all the way down which resulted in a bit of soiling which he hated.

Anyways, we will see how it all goes but for now I am super excited that he is peeing in the potty. On a last note, i am considering school again next year. More about that in my next post.

Stay blessed!


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