Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love you

Yeah, you read it right! That is the title of this post. As I was lying in bed last night i started contemplating on what to right about this week and this was my revelation.

When I was growing up, I LOVE YOU was a taboo phrase. The phrase was associated with a girl and a boy being in love, yeah you can LAUGH OUT LOUD! When a boy then was trying to ask you to be his girlfriend that is the phrase he would use. You see, I was not crazy then to think that it was a taboo phrase, something you should not say in public, let alone, to your parents, siblings or even friends. It was like saving yourself just for your husband.

Children then did not need to hear their parents saying I LOVE YOU to get the assurance that they were loved. It was an obvious thing to the children, to us. It would go the same for the parents as well. All children needed to do to show that they loved their parents was visit them, take care of them without having to say I LOVE YOU mummy or dad. It was as simple as that. Everyone would just be satisfied and happy then. I remember in one of my modules, communication at varsity this discussion came up. Some people where shocked when i said the views that i am writing on here especually my white classmates. I guess the cultural thing also plays a role in it.

However, now it is a different story. This I LOVE YOU phrase is now on the tip of evryone's tongue. Even Faritle knows that when mummy is upset if he says he loves me then all is well. We used to laugh at my mum because whenevet we called her, her end phrase was always THANK YOU. Now she almost always end her phone conversations with I LOVE YOU ALL. Believe me, my mum is very old school so this came as a huge suprise, a well appreciated one. My dear (this is my big sis) called yestrday and she spoke to faritle. The conversation ended with I LOVE YOU. This made me smile.

I strongly believe that love is something that people should be able to express, not only by saying I LOVE YOU but by showing it. Remember God did not just say that He loved us but He showed his love to us by giving us His Son Jesus Christ. John 3v16 says it all.

Hugs and till next time.

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