Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A mother's love

This post is inspired by my sis in law Mrs K. She called me on Monday and I asked her how Mr K jnr was doing at school. Mr K jnr has just started school. She told me that when he got home he told her that he fell and noone came to say sorry. She told me that she almost cried when he told her. I almost cried when she told me. It hit me hard how we as mothers want to shield our kids from all the badies of the world. This reminded me of how a mother's love is everlasting. She however told me again that nomatter how much we want to shield them from the baddies, the children do grow up and learn tovstand up for themselves.

I remembered the time we were childless and how our empty arms yearned to be filled. Now that God blessed us with two lovely boys, I am amazed at how I cannot imagine my life without them. The love just flows through even when the boys put me through fire sometimes. The nagging, whinning, spit all over and the snort just makes me love them more. It really does make my world go round with love.

As mothers, we pray for our children or it is assumed that we pray for our children more. To divert a bit and brag, I was amazed at one time when my dad told me how he used to pray for us so God may fill our arms. It made me cry not only because that is the greatest gift he could have given us but that I never thought he would pray for us regarding the matter. On the other hand, I always knew that nomatter how much of a rebel (yes, i had that tendency to rebel against her until I was in my mid 20s) I was my mother would always pray for us. That i was and still am guaranteed of. That is a great show of a mother's love. I love her to bits.

Mothers are expected to be strong loving beings and that is exactly who we are except for a few exceptionals. Also remember, YOU STRIKE A WOMAN YOU STRIKE A ROCK. WATHINT'ABAFAZI WATHINT'IMBOKODO!

Till next time and lets keep loving our children.

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