Friday, September 23, 2011

Things you might not know about me

Yeah, two written posts in one week. I am on the roll woooooo.

I have decided to use Friday for you to get to know me better. This will also help me to rediscover myself, the good and the bad.

1. I did not like puberty, all the changes that were happening especially the visible ones. I think that was the time i seriously wished I was a boy. Do not worry cause i do not feel that way anymore.

2. I discovered that my dad had an accent when i was in high school. I know it is funny especially to those who know him and have heard him speak. The accent is soooo obvious now and i love it. By the way, my dad is from Mozambique. Came to Zimbabwe for education and then he got stuck cause he met my mother.

3. I have known my darling hubby for twenty years, dated for eight of those. Yeah, more than half my life time. No, Iam not forty yet!

4. I really wanted to go into journalism after high school but my dad had other ideas so i ended up stuck in teaching for almost four years. It is something i never really enjoyed but hey, i spent three years in college learning how to become a high school teacher.

5. My oldest sibling could easily be my mum. There is a huge gap between us. There is an almost sixteen year gap between us. I am five years older than her eldest baby. There is a six year gap between i and the one i come after. I think this was unheard of especially among black African families. There are six of us and there is a one year or two year gap between them except for me of course. I have always thought i was special now i know why. Lol

Till next Friday when I will dish out more juicy facts about me.

Hugs and stay blessed!

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  1. Phew!!...nice to know Im not the only one who hated puberty lol


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