Monday, October 24, 2011

A give away

Yes, a give away. Leave a comment here or on my facebook post related to this post and i will bake you a traditional christmas cake (fruit cake) which I will deliver on your door. I know there are friends out there who do read my blog. Here is my thank you. There are three cakes to give away. Sorry, this is for locals only.

Stay blessed.


P.S. The first three comments ;-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Things you might not know about me

1. I lost a sister in 1990 to leaukemia. I was in form three then. She was my form one history teacher at the school that i went to. I miss her lots.

2. I adore reading. I first joined a library when i was in grade one in 1981. My one weakness was that people always found their way into my school bag and help themselves to my books. I remember the Ladybird books. That was how i discovered all the fairy tales, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Rapaunzel, etc. Grade five, six and seven, i discovered The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Secret Five.

3. I find it very difficult to adjust to new situations. I am one of those people who hold on to the familiar for far too long even if i know that i have to move on.

4. I used to stare a lot when i was little. I am noticing this in Faritle too. (trying so much to discourage him, we will.see how ot goes) I remember sitting outside and just look at people passing by.

5. Next week is my birthday. On the twenty sixth. My dad always bought me a birthday cake for as long as i remember. It became a tradition then.

Till next time, stay blessed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello everyone. My brain has had so much staff that i would love to share but never got to put them down. Now here is my chance.

I have been thinking a lot about culture and tradition, how much it influences who we are and how sometimes we tend to shun away from culture and tradition. This was inspired by the therapist when she came to visit and it is a whole topic on its own.

Now something i would really love to chat about, things i remember if i were to write my birth stories. Suprisingly, i seem to remember very little and as a result i have decided to put the little i do remember down. Do not worry, it is not going to be gross.

I started feeling that something was happening around 12 midnight on the 2nd of July 2008. I decided to ignore it and went back to sleep. Around 2 a.m. I woke up again just to discover that i was losing my mucous plug and that i was in more severe pain than before. I woke up tata who woke up the Business Administrator (BA) and my oldest sister, BA's mom who had come to be with me and wait for her latest nephew. We all got dressed and we went to the hospital. The nurses did not believe i was in labour because i was busy chatting, laughing and smiling. It was not until i started throwing up and was hooked up on the monitors that they believed that i was in labour. The progress was very low but the pain excruciating. I was determined to go all natural. By the way, my waters were still intact. When my OB came to check on me, he told me he might have to break my waters artificially. This time i was really scared. You see, the labour room was kinda of scary. There were hooks, plungers, siscors and other scary staff everywhere. I think that is what caused my blood pressure to go yoyo. I remember my sis running to fetch a nurse cause i was sweating and felt like i could not breath. Anyways, when OB came back to check on me, i agreed on an epidural so he could break my waters. An aneasthetist did his part and within no time i could not feel a thing in the lower part of my body. I also forgot to mention that Faritle's heart beat was also yoyoing. It was then discovered that there was meconium in the waters so i had to be wheeled to the theatre for an emergency c-sec. Around 2 my sweet little miracle was born. That is what i remember about Faritle's birth. More about what happened after in coming posts. He was born at 40 weeks.

Nesu was a different story. I knew from about thirty weeks that i was going to have a c-sec. One thing that i did not like, which made me shudder, it still does was the idea of not feeling my legs. Serously, it still scares me. That is one thing that makes me have second thoughts about giving birth again. Anyways, because i had not gone for hospital tour, i was at the hospital by 8:30a.m. The date that i was given coincided with the day that the hospital gave its maternity and labour ward tours. I was suppose to be in theatre by four in the afternoon but had to wait until half six. I was super excited and nervous at the same time. Tata, my mummy and tete N were there with me. We went to the theatre and by seven that evening Nesu was born. It was good seeing my little angel for the first time. I forgot to mention again, my blood pressure was yoyoing again but i came through it again stronger and with more faith. More on the after-math later.

Now that this is off my chest, more is to come.

Stay blessed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things you might not know about me

1. I am a mother to two IVF miracles. Going back to where it all began. I remember getting out of a gyne office back home feeling like the world had come to a stop. I remember shading tears after a visit to a urologist, the pain and hurt. I remember God opening doors when we moved to South Africa. I remember the time we were told i was pregnant with Faritle, how i knew deep down way before it was confirmed that God was showing us how good and faithfull He was. I remember how i doubted God when we had a second go, believing that the treatment was not going to work. I remember very clearly how God proved me wrong.

2. I have what most people think is an I don't care attitude. I view it as an easy go attitude, my defence mechanism. I do not usually take things to heart. It is a way of protecting myself from getting hurt. I am a people pleaser and as a result people tend to walk all over me. My reaction, smile and put it under the carpet or i shut you off completely. This way i do not always have to pretend that i am happy.

3. I love my life. I love my family. I love my hubby to bits (guess you will be seeing a lot of this).

4. I have thirteen nieces and nephews. Four of them married with children which makes me a great aunt. :-)

5. I lived in the same house for twenty six years of my life. Tata came along and scooped me away.

Till next time.;-)


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