Thursday, December 15, 2011

I salute you

I never really had any idea how hard it was to be a full time mother. Please note that I am saying full time mother and not wife. From the time I had Farai up to about a month ago, I always had someone helping me around the house. My hubby's coiusin who has been with us for almost three years went home to get married. Tata and I decided that it might be better if we find someone who would come in once a week to do the ironing and cleaning. It saves us a bit of money as well. Anyways, I have realised that it is hard to even find time to put my feet up. There is always something that needs to be done. Even my body is feeling the change. I love to cook so I alsways cooked but never really used to do much else. Now I have to clean, tend to Nesu, tend to Faritle when he gets from school and cook. It is not that I am complaining but that just I had forgotten how hard it was. Am now trying to get into a routine. I am also very thankful for my very loving hubby who is very helpful around the house, the kids' bath time, dishes. He is the best man ever.

Women who do it all, go to work and have to be full time mothers and wives, I salute you. To you women who have to it all without any help, now I know how you feel. It is hard work. I wonder how my mother did it all with all six of us.

Till next time.

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