Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remembering with a smile

I have been thinking a lot lately about my Mum in love (MIL) It is almost twelve years since she moved on to be with Jesus. I remember the last valentine's when she was still with us, how she surprised me with flowers. I remember coming home from work seeing her car parked outside. I remember how she smiled when she saw me. She was one of the few people i knew who would genuinely smile at someone.

I get sad when I think of her grandchildren would never get to experience the smiles, her soft voce, her gentleness. I look at our kids and really wonder what it would have been like. I feel sad aometimes when I think of how she would never hear her grandchildren calling her "Gogo"

I remember the pain too. What she went through up until the end. I remember how even through the pain how she would look at me and smile. I remember the the day that the smile was not there and i went home and cried. I remember how I told my mum that the smile was not there on that particular day. I never got to see it again because then she went into a comma.

Above all this sad remminisence, I will always be grateful to her for giving me such a wonderful husband. I smile when I remember how she boldly walked to my matron when I was in High School to ask for me. I still think of it cause that incident opened such wonderful doors for me. (Yeah reader, keep wondering what doors!!! It is a whole book on its own)For those who went to boarding school, remember how we used to pack roasted chicken when going back to school. I would go with two, one from my mum and one from her. Yeah, that was her. She would do staff in leaps. Ask Mrs K and she will tell you.

There is one sermon that she gave at church that I will always remember. In her trial to make everyone understand that sin will never mix with goodness and how we sometimes go back to sin just because we are just so used to it, she gave an example. Here is the example that she gave that I do not think I will ever forget. Flies wanted to make sweet honey like bees so decided to ask for help form the masters. The bees told the flies the first and fore most thing that they needed to observe was cleanliness. This meant staying away from all filth. The flies agreed and at first succeeded. Then one day the flies passed by a smelly filthy toilet and the odour was just too irresistable. This resulted in the downfall of the flies again. I remember how she said it all.

My MIL was such a phenomenol woman i think. It is very unfortunate that by the time we exchanged our vows she was with us no more. It is a good thing to remember someone with a smile. It is good to have good memories of her that I will be able to share with Faritle and Nesu.

Till next time.

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  1. Very well written and touching. Interestingly the thing I remember most about you is your smile....and now you are also a smiling Jambaya woman!


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