Friday, September 21, 2012


Recently I was reminded by the "therapist" that I have tom boyish trends and then I told her a recent incident that happened with Faritle. It was kind of funny cause U was not expecting it.

It was a nice sunny day and because it had been a long cold winter I decided to put on a skirt. Faritle looked at me with an inquisitive eye. Then he stared and stared. I asked him, "What is wrong dear?" His answer was, "Mummy, where are your trousers?" I laughed and told him that mum felt like putting on a skirt that day. That was the end of it for him that is. However, it was not for me because I started thinking about my wardrobe, how many pairs of jeans or shorts I have versus the number of skirts and dresses I have. I made a pact with myself that I would make an effort to look more feminine, put on dresses and skirts more. I am a person who would feel more comfortable in this.

This is me in a dress. The other people in the pic, my sis therapist's mum and my nephew. It is a challenge that I have given myself. I hope i will keep up and not fall astray somewhere along the way.

Stay blessed,

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