Friday, April 19, 2013

A revamp

The title of the post says it all. There is a lot of revamping going on not only here but in this woman's life. I have a few projects at hand and in mind and have been thinking a lot about what it would be like to refocus the main theme of this blog. I have been giving myself time to study the word a bit, more that I used to and it is amazing how much one would learn if you give yourself time and energy to do it.As the title of the blog also says,
I have always known that I am fearfully and wonderfully made... Psalm 139 vs 14
and as I was lying down last night trying to figure out a name for the blog this is what I came up with. Changing the name of the blog is something that i have thought about for quite sometime and and unti last night i could not come with anything that seemed appropriate. God's timing is always peferct.It would be so much fun I guess to make this place a place for me to share my experinces as a woman, daughter of The most high King, a wife to Farai, a mother to Faritle and Nesu and my sweet thirteen babies that I am little mama to, the youngest of six, a survivor, a victor, a sister-inlaw, my mum and dad's little girl. I hope that as I begin this journrey, it will bring in more revelations that are Godly and help me to walk in His blessings always.I hope and pray that we will learn together as we journey together.
Stay blessed

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