Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a penny for my thoughts, or more.....

Friday was the last day of Faitle's last day of school, first term ofGrade 00. At the end of every first term the grade 000 and the grade 00 do a grandparent's concert. It is not very long, about an hour. The children sing about seven short songs and then that is it.Anyway, the reason for this post is how sad it felt for those children who did not have grannies around, Faritle being one of them. I kept looking at all the elderly people smiling and waving at their grandchildren, and felt all my childhood memories coming coming back. I did not have the chance to meet my partenal grannies but I did meet my maternal grannies. Just to a quick note, in my world growing up, there we no school concerts except for the end of year parents day. By the time I finished primary school i think is had been scrapped off or tonned down. My dad's parents lived in Mocambique and I think my grand dad on the Mashava side died even before I was born. My paternal grandma passed on when I was in grade one (1981) or grade two (1982). I remeber crying because I never had the chance to meet her.My martenal grand parents on the other hand were always been there. My maternal grandpa passed when after I had finished High School, 1992 and my grandma (gogo) passed 1994. I know, it is sounding like a history lesson but the point is there were there to spoil us even though we saw them once in a while. I would know that December gogo will send us mango. She would kill a chicken for us when we visit. These were the little things that mattered espeially when we were younger. I remember giving her a nudge so we could cross the road cause she always thought the cars we close nomatter how far the cars were.Enough about my grandparents. My kids never got the chance to know gogo and sekuru Jambaya. We try as much as possible to show them pics and tell them stories about sekuru and gogo. My parents however, are still alive but very far away. There is no way we would ask them to come all the way from Zim (12 hours by bus) for an hour concert. Our children will never really know how it feels to go to grannies house during the holidays. They would never know how it feels to always have goo or sekuru to run to when they make muumy upset. It is sad that granny will always be too far for a visit, a hug or even a kiss except for their Sunday breif talks and the 'Love you gogo, love you sekuru"that always end with the brief Sunday phone calls.Here are a few pics pf Faritle and Nesu enjoying the company of their grand parents.My dad with Nesu two years ago.This is Faritle sleeping in great grandma's arms. This is my hubby's gogo (for my English speaking friends, this is my MIL aunt, making her my hubby's great aunt but in Shona she is still gogo.) Taken when we went to Zim sometime ago.My mummy with Faritle playing in the garage two years ago when they came to visit.Stay blessed

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