Thursday, May 30, 2013

I thought I was just a mother......

Yes, there are times that I think that I am just a mother. My sweet husband took me out for a date last week Friday. We had dinner and then we went for a movie, Fast and Furious 6. I live with people that are crazy for anything. Anyway, I was all excited going for some two of us time. However, five minutes down the line, I thought, hmmmmmm, there is something missing and guess what or let us say who it was?????? My other two men I had left at home. When we left, Nesu did not see us, we had to sneak out and the big brother kinda of pretended to cry. I knew he was pretending because when I waved the first time he waved back all smiles and then the second time crocodile tears. Then Monday, he asked me if we were picking teacher L (the baby sitter is from Nesu's school hence the title) and I told him no and asked him why and the answer I got was that so YOU (Farai and I) can go out again. I am rambling again. Sorry, let me just get into it.

The feeling of some "people" missing made me appreciate that God created everyone with the gift to love especially mothers and their children. It is a choice that one has to make whether to show the love or to ignore it. When I gave birth to Faritle, I suffered from PND a bit. My big sister (Mrs C) told me that she also had difficulties especially with holding the baby soon after birth, so I did not feel like the odd man out. My dear sweet husband, Mrs C and Lee all helped me a lot, they went all the way as I adjusted to the role of motherhood. However, these strange feelings did not mean I did not love my baby, me explanation is the love was there but it just took me a little bit longer to show it. God is always giving us choices especially when it comes to love and as mothers there is a lot of love to be shared.

"For God so Loved the world He gave his begotten son......"John 3:16

 Love is there with us always especially if are believers of Christ who showed us unconditional love. There are times that we have to learn to love even when you think that the person does not deserve the love, or you wonder if the person is loveable. Think of the mothers who abandon their new born in a drainage. My dad at one time as he was going to work heard a baby crying. He would take a few steps and the baby would cry but the moment he stops the baby would stop crying. There was an abandoned baby in a nearby bush and he ended up calling the police who took the baby. When my dad told us the story after he came back from work, I thought wow and I am sure I wished he could have brought the baby home. I have always wondered what happened to the baby and the mother too. Does abandoning a baby mean that the mother does not love the child anymore??? The baby I believe truly deserved some love. Everyone deserves to be loved no matter what has happened in the past. God does not create a bleak future without any love. It is a choice that we make that would reflect whether we love or not. Let us all learn to love as Christ loved the church UNCONDITIONALLY.

There are times that I feel like I am just a mother but now I know I am special because I love my children, my family. I try to give my unconditional love, loving even when I feel too tired to love those two munchkins BUT I LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!! 

Stay blessed,

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