Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Married thirteen years, what I learnt : PART TWO

Am so sorry I have been a bit quiet this past week. Things have been a bit hectic, painting projects, assisgnments, family and everything else you can think of. It is not really thirteen years anymore. It is just over thirteen years, 13 years, 2 week and 2 days to be exact :-) Anyway, here it goes,

5. I learnt to FALL IN LOVE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It is exactly what it says. Even sometimes when I really do not want to, i always find myself falling head over hills. The verse I can thhink of that purely expresses falling in ove over and over again is John 3 v 16,

For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have an everlasting life.

Nothing beats the love that God showed us through Christ. The love is forgiving and the only condition is that we accept it. I recently read that if you can find a reason to love someone then that is a like because love is not conditional. You do not have to find a reason to love someone. It is the same with falling in love, it is not conditional. It is freely given and all the recipient has to do is accept it.6. I learnt to spend time with my husband. My husband works very hard to provide for his family. Every free time he has spend with his me and our boys. He loves to help out around the house especially with the boys. It is always important to spend time together because it helps to bring the family together. The bible clearly states that husbands should spend time with their husbands in an undestanding way and that they should show honour to the women.... 1 Peter 3 v 7 Like I mentioned in a previous post here learn when to give your husband his time when he needs it. Giving him time to reciperate always resuts in a pleasent together time.

7. Always find time to reconnect. It might sound like I am repeating my self but am not. This refers to spending time jut the two of us. This might be a difficult one especially if you have two under fives. What matters most is that you are putting the effort to try and spend time together. No need to spend money, popcorn, chips and a good movie is all you need. This helps you to reconnect and help you to fall in love over and over again.

8. Show love not only to you children but to your husband too. Remember, our kids learn how to love from us. If we do not show that we love one another then our kids will not know how to. God showed us love through Christ and because we aim to live a Christ-like life, we are suppose to follow in His footsteps.

Remember love is a verb, an action word.

Stay blessed



  1. Sounds like you've had an incredibly busy week! how wonderful of you to still take the time to post what you've learned in your first 13 years (2 weeks and 2 days :)) of marriage.


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