Sunday, March 30, 2014

My almost six year old

Thought I would share with you all my Faritle. Cannot believe he is alsmost six. Like I have mentioned before he is a very calm little boy.

Our day starts around 6:15 am getting ready for school. He rarely cries or protest when I wake him up in the morning. By seven they are out of the house so our day together actually starts after one during week days.

Questions i get asked:
1. Mama, what are you doing?
2. And then?
3. Why mama?
4. When arewe going to Zimbabwe mama?
5. Is daddy early today mama?
6. Is food ready yet mama?
7. Mama may I have some juice

There is a lot of whining and complaining too. Sometimes it does drive me crazy and i rejoice when he come to ask for juice without mumbling and looking like he is going to cry. After school he wants to play Mario kart wii. Soccer also comes up a lot these days and loves to watch Supersport as long as there is soccer or racing.

Favourite resturant is Pappachinos and it does not help that there is one right next to his school. Faritle is adored by his brother and in turn, adores Nesu too. When I give him something, food or toy, he would ask for Nesus too.

Here he is


Saty blessed

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